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Episode · 1 week ago

Ryan Stein: Creating Opportunities through Adaptability & Action

Ryan Stein, Executive Director of Automobile Insurance Policy and Innovation Team at IBC discusses the importance of being responsive and drawing on innovative approaches to remove barriers, adapt to rapid changes in the marketplace, and to anticipate customer needs.

Episode · 1 month ago

Keren Moynihan - Why the smart money is on tech to grow Commercial Banking

Keren Moynihan, CEO and Co-founder of Boss Insights, makes a compelling case for the power of technology to transform Commercial Banking and expand the pie for all, whether they are traditional or non-traditional providers. Nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year and AI Disrupter of the Year, Keren and her team have built on lessons learned from Amazon that simple changes, increased transparency, and a focus on outcomes can have a profound impact on the industry and most importantly, its customers.

Episode 7 · 2 months ago

Peter Routledge - Navigating the future of deposit insurance

A thought-provoking discussion with Peter Routledge, President and CEO of Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation. Peter shares his views on potential risks in the financial services marketplace and the changing expectations of both depositors and members. Discover what’s driving CDIC's strategic direction and critical innovations, all while ensuring confidence in the system.

Episode 6 · 2 months ago

Anil Sanwal - The key to fostering customer centricity

Anil Sanwal, is VP Business Initiatives Lead at RGAX, the transformation engine of RGA, one of the largest global reinsurance organizations. He discusses RGA’s rich history of innovation and RGAX’s unique approach to working with clients to develop ideas that put customers at the heart of the innovation process. With a focus on eldercare and aging, Anil shares his thoughts on evolution and innovation in the insurance industry, and RGAX’s approach to engaging with a broad eco-system of clients and partners.